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Other Side of the Wall is start-up trying to revolutionalise the world by bringing technology closer and cheaper to you. We understand that even in technologically booming countries not everyone has everyone has access to technology reasons being

•high costs for development
•lack of technical know-how
•lack of access to developers

We solve this problem by connecting people. When you come to us with some specifications or requirements, we find the people who will help you with them and get the job done. It's that simple!

This is what we do best

WEB Design

We'll help you get the best creative designs for your company website with our awesome creative design team!

Mobile APP Design

We'll help make your app look better and user-friendly!

WEB Development

We'll help you create a new website for your product/company...

Mobile APP Development

Want to spread your social presence? We'll help you make mobile applications to spread the news!

See us at work

We strive to ensure that developing even the best and most complex of apps is simple for you. The way we work ensures that development is on time and to satisfaction. Effective communication is the mantra we live by.

Listening to
your needs

We're always eager to listen to your needs and inputs. Reach out to us at any time.


Let's figure out how to reach your goal of making the best mobile app, together!

our brains

Our team will brainstorm over the best way to go about getting your app made...


Now that we know what needs to be done, lets get to work!

the product

Our goal is that you get the app that caters to all your requirements to your utmost satisfaction!

Our talent has served

We are working with clients from not only from all parts of the world but also in a vast diversity of platforms, from finances to education, to theatre and social apps and even woman safety awareness apps!
We are currently working with- Irish Tax Institute (tax advisers body), Parii (a social loyalty app) and we are working on SocioApps on women safety as well. Our other works are on a UAE Business Guide App, Archery Scorer (sports utitlity app), Decathlon Sports Reqruiment portal, Mashaal website (theatre group), and more... Cicero.

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You can find us literally anywhere, just push a button and we’re there

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zip code 560028

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